Vintage Paper

Bub Vickers


Bub came from a ranching and rodeo family. His plan was to attend Southwest Texas Jr. College in Uvalde Texas in 1967. This was interrupted by a war and he joined the U.S. Navy. After returning home, he went back to college and got his Associate's Degree in Range Management in 1973. He took a summer off and went to horse shoeing school. He found he could shoe horses to pay for his education.

Bub continued his cowboy life-style until he went back to college in the mid-80's earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Corpus Christi State University. He had always had a talent for drawing and creating with his hands. His desire to learn more and thirst for knowledge that was available in college drove him to return to school and achieve his Masters of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 1993.

His concentrations in the beginning were in contemporary art. This combined with his cowboy history has evolved into the fascinating, emotional, action-packed bronze sculptures and paintings presented to the art community today. The work is appreciated by the educated art enthusiasts and those that just know what they like and are entertained by the story that accompanies each work.

His art is a depiction of human courage, tragic themes, violent and distorted poses with a flavor of humor. He places just as much importance on the malleable properties of the original clay as he does the subject matter. Reality for him isn't a mirror image of nature frozen in time; it is always changing and moving. Implied movement is achieved with a twisting pose, extended or exaggerated gesture, line, and broken surface texture that light and shadow play with the feeling of transition.

One of his favorite quotes is from Georgia O'Keiff when she said, “I am not trying to paint the desert the way it looks, I am trying to paint it the way it makes me feel.”





Fredericksburg, Texas

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